The Ontario Police Now Have a Tesla Model X

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When you think of Canadian law enforcement, you probably think of a Mountie riding a horse, gently scolding you for leaving a picnic basket open in bear country. Reality is pretty far from that image. Especially now that the Ontario police have added a Tesla to their fleet of police cars.


The Model X is one of the top performing SUVs on the market. A new one costs something around $100K, setting a prohibitive bar of entry for most police departments. The OPP received the car as a "generous donation from a friend."

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says of the car, "That may be the future of policing down the road. It's not there today, but it will be down the road. You never know."

Along with using military-grade vehicles and weaponry, it is becoming an increasingly common trend for police departments around the world to deploy ostentatious sports cars. Dubai is already famous for doing so, with a fleet that would put any rapper to shame.


Tesla may be the next brand of choice. Luxembourg has already announced plans to move towards using Tesla Model S sedans in place of gas vehicles.

Los Angeles and Denver have also adopted Tesla Model S sedans as police cars.

So, the Teslas are meant to administer swift, silent justice to traffic violators, right? Actually, the Tesla police cars are being used for "community outreach" purposes, meaning showboating at public events. They're also used for "administrative employees."

As time goes on, we will doubtless see a shift towards electric vehicles, both for police and general use. Tesla has certainly secured itself as the top luxury brand in electric vehicles.

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