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Nature can often be overwhelmingly powerful and beautiful, occasionally at the same time. Many know this in theory, but it’s rare that we get an actual glimpse of the profound contrast that exists in the natural world, let alone expertly filmed footage that is equally moving, aesthetically pleasing, and heartbreaking all at once. But this week, one of the most moving pieces of evidence of this went viral online.

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A time-lapse video captured by photographer Jason Gendron shows a side-by-side occurrence of gorgeous Northern Lights and terrifying wildfires in Yukon, Canada. The footage is from Windy Arm on Tagish Lake, where the brutal blaze and the amazing aurora happened at the same time. Northern Lights, technically called aurora, is a natural light display in the Earth's sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions.

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While the fires have been contained, they have yet to be extinguished since they started earlier this month. On August 6, lightening sparked the blaze a little under 8 miles southeast of Carcross. These come in a time where it seems like wildfires are breaking out all over the world, as well as other devastating natural disasters.

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Most of the footage we see from these events is almost exclusively tragic, but Gendron knew he had a golden opportunity to record a more nuanced look at the diversity of nature. By day, he’s a sporting goods store manager, but taking pictures has been a hobby, and he’s obviously very good at it. After studying the forecast, he found a great spot to sit and wait for just the right moment, and his patience paid off. Check out the incredible time-lapse here, and watch a similar video below that was recorded earlier this summer…

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