Nintendo Wii Built Into Altoids Tin

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First of all, it has to be said that this is a real, working Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, according to the man who built it, it might be “the worst Wii Portable ever.” Shank, of the YouTube page Shank Mods, goes on to say, “This is a REAL Wii, not an emulator, in an Altoids tin. This project took about a year and was miserable to complete.” So why did he attempt this massive undertaking?

Twitter - @dyxlesci

The hardware modder was able to break down and fit all of the necessary pieces of the gaming device into a mint holder. He calls it the KillMii, and claims that the only real reason he built it, was for the memes. He clarified in a blog post on BitBuilt, “This portable is not logical, comfortable, or practical. But it must be done.”

Twitter - @BoingBoing

He started working on the project in April of 2017 and has only just finished. From his Twitter account under the screen name @dyxlesci, Shank announced, “The KillMii is finished! It's a fully functional Wii portable inside an actual Altoids tin. It runs hot, has a 10 minute battery life, and awful controls, but it's a real Wii inside (not an emulator.) It's the worst thing ever.”

Twitter - @JuicyGameReview

If there are any common threads to be found in his multiple posts about the completion of the experiment, they are that he’s happy it’s over, the machine works, and apparently it’s just the worst. But regardless, the KillMii is pretty special, and there’s no doubt it will get the meme treatment it deserves. Check out the video below to see how he did it and watch him actually use the Wii…

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