NHL Threatens To Punish Player For Licking

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The NHL has officially issued an edict to Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand demanding he stop licking opponents. Yes, a hockey player is in hot water for repeatedly licking others. Licking. It would be weird enough if this happened just once. Even if it was an accident. But for it to happen enough times for league officials to put him on notice and threaten supplemental discipline is just crazy.

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It’s happened twice in the postseason alone, and multiple times before. The Bruins are up against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and after an altercation during Game 4 with forward Ryan Callahan, Marchand responded to a shove with a lick on the face. This, along with a similar incident in Game 1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs, led the NHL to take action. If he doesn’t stop this incredibly bizarre behavior, he could be fined or even suspended.

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The first of his postseason offenses happened when Marchand licked Maple Leaf’s forward Leo Komarov following an attempted kiss on the cheek of the same player during a different game in the regular season. While this has been an issue for a while, Marchand has never been penalized or disciplined until now, with conflicting reports saying he was warned, but Marchand claiming he wasn’t. Maybe one of the reasons nothing’s happened yet is because it’s so strange that officials were stunned into inactivity.

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Hockey is widely considered one the toughest, most brutal sports ever, with fights breaking out regularly. But when licking comes into play, all bets are off. Watch the video below to see an unbelievable compilation of Brad Marchand doing this over and over…


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