New York City Marathoners Forced To Pay Lots Of Cash

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Looking for a hardcore workout? The New York City Marathon is this Sunday, November 6th. It attracts tens of thousands of runners each year, making it one of the most sought after races for athletes worldwide. But with such immense popularity, the race also has some hefty fees attached.

Firstly, there's lodging. The race had two hotel partners they were offering: Hilton Midtown or Sheraton Times Square. If you booked each early, you'd be looking at rates in the mid-$300's. But most people aren't staying there for merely a night. If you elected to stay 3+ nights, you're looking at $1,000+ in fees.

There there's the cost of qualifying for the race. Yep, you're not automatically permitted to run it. With so many hopeful runners, the NYC marathon has a qualifying process by time, or winning a spot in a lottery. Entry fees into the qualifying races aren't cheap, you're looking at $25 per race and about 8 or 9 races in which to compete. When you do the math, you're up over $200.

If you make it to the big event, the fee for U.S. residents to compete is $255. For non-U.S. residents, it'll run you at $347.

So what's our total thus far? Eerily close to the $2,000 mark. But wait, there's more!

Don't forget the gear you'll need for the race. You're probably thinking, 'what gear?' but marathoners go through pairs of shoes like normal humans go through underwear. Most hardcore runners will need to change them out every few hundred miles or so. Might seem like a lot, but if you're training for the NYC marathon you probably run close to 40 miles per week. Top flight running shoes are anywhere from $120 on the cheap end to $200+ for the most comfortable and durable.

Many runners also hire professional coaches to inform their training process, but even the cheapest can run you at $40 or more each month.

And then there's the matter of airfare. Prices to any one of the three New York area airports can range from $300-$500 for domestic travelers, and $1,000+ for international runners.

Okay, so now we've reached maybe $3,500? I'd even call that a conservative estimate. Expect to shell out closer to $4,000, accounting for food, entertainment, etc.

If you needed anymore evidence that these runners are dedicated to this event, look no further than the outrageous cost of doing business. It's an event you have to spend months saving up for, and maybe, just maybe, you'll qualify and be able to compete.

Here's a look at this year's course map:


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