A New Survey Breaks Down How Men And Women Cope With Dry Spells

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Everyone goes through sexual dry spells from time to time. Well, not everyone. Let's say everyone who isn't a DJ. Dry spells are worse for some than others, both in terms of quality and quantity. But not everyone responds to sexual drought in the same way. A new study breaks down how men and women cope with their periods of sexual scarcity, and the results aren't exactly shocking.

The survey was conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, an internet pharmacy. It was answered by 1,500 Europeans and Americans. When the data were analyzed, there was an interesting finding - the severity of dry spells varies based on a person's relationship status. Single people haveĀ it pretty bad, on average having to wait two months to have sex again. People in relationships typically go for a week, and people who are divorced have it the worst by far. Divorcees typically have to wait up to three years to find a new sexual partner.

Predictably, American men have dry spells that last about twice as long as European men. Do European women also find European accents exotic and mysterious?


Men and women use their time as incels differently. Only about 60% of men say they cope with masturbation (hahahahahahahahahahahaha), vs only 42% of women. 47% of men say they also use the excess energy to exercise more. 30% of men sleep to excess during their dry spells, and 28% admit to binge watching television on a regular basis. 15% of men also cop to binge drinking as a coping mechanism. Women's self-reporting was similar, though they claimed to shop more than they drank.

Having a dry spell when you're single isn't that remarkable. In fact, it's remarkableĀ not to have dry spells. But why do people in relationships suffer the same dreary fate? According to the survey, the most likely reasons for a dry spell during a relationship are stress, lack of time (what?), physical separation from partner, feelings of being unattractive and medical side-effects. Men reported different strategies for overcoming these obstacles. Some talked openly with their partners about it, some tried introducing new sexual practices and others just got drunk with their partners.

In another finding that will be shocking to nobody, 47% of the American male respondents said they would lower their sexual standards in order to break a dry spell. Only 16% of women answered that question in the affirmative.

The history of sexual frustration is the history of the human race. Please cope in a healthy way.

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