New Study Claims To Prove Exact Age Married Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

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According to the data analysis company Statistic Brain, cheating is common, but not as common as you might think. 54% of women admit to having cheated during one or more relationships over the course of their lives. 22% of married men and 14% of married women admit to cheating on their spouses during the marriage. If you're married to a woman and you're paranoid about her cheating, a new study suggests that there might be a specific window of time when your paranoia should be at its fever peak.

The affair arrangement site Victoria Milan has released user data that suggests there is a very specific period during a marriage when a woman is most likely to seek out an extramarital relationship. The site analyzed data from women of multiple ages from around the world. Their findings were remarkable.

They found that the average age a woman gets married is 29. They also found that the average age they start cheating is 36.6. On average, sometime between years seven and eight of a marriage, a woman is most likely to start seeking sexual partners other than their husbands, at least according to the site's data.

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We've all heard about the "seven year itch." Maybe we should update it to the "seven to eight year on average according to our research data itch."

There is an obvious red flag here, which is that the data was collected from the ranks of an affair arrangement website's user base. This would suggest that the numbers may have been skewed in favor of cheaters. But Sigurd Vedal, founder of Victoria Milan, has some words of wisdom for husbands.

"Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve. Perhaps they still love their partners, but the spark has vanished from their marriage. Alternatively, they may have an open relationship, and both have affairs to satisfy their physical needs whilst still sharing a tight emotional bond."

Although if someone were in an open relationship, it begs the question why they would have to sneak around on a secret affair dating site to find people to tend to their "physical needs."

While these numbers are remarkable, it is equally or perhaps more remarkable that there are still people using affair sites in the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, which released the personal information of 30 million users.

So is your wife on the verge of scratching her seven year itch? Only she knows, despite what the crack science team at Victoria Milan may say.

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