A New Automated Restaurant Hits New York City

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Midtown Manhattan just became the home of a new restaurant unlike any other. Eatsa is a 100% automated vegetarian restaurant that first opened in California, and is now making its way east. Yep, you heard it right. Eatsa has no waiters or waitresses, and no cashiers. You order on your iPad or mobile device and the food shows up in a locker.

The newest location opened at 285 Madison Avenue in New York City—a very high traffic area that's populated by tourists.



For veggie and quinoa lovers, as well as people who can't stand waiters, Eatsa is the place to eat. But this technology isn't going to end here. The restaurant model as we know it is being transformed.

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey has been utilizing iPads for food and drinks orders inside of its Terminal C for the past two years. This has made life much easier for travelers with tight connections, allowing them to receive their items quickly and return to their departure gate.


In addition to food and drink orders, these devices allow travelers to view weather reports, lookup flight info, or read the latest news stories.

Houston's airport is following suit in 2017, as a plan is underway to install more than 8,000 iPads throughout the facility.

The future is clear, and its technology or bust. Not everyone is immensely pleased by this move, especially adults above the age of 50. Some customers are livid that they can't do something as simple as "order a beer" without typing a bunch of things into an iPad. But considering these devices aren't going away, the only hope is that they become easier to use over time.

As someone who has used the Newark iPads, I can honestly say that I like them within reason. Yes, it's nice not to have to wait to be waited on by a human, but it would be simpler if there was a one-click ordering system in place instead of having to jump through multiple screens. This is likely just a symptom of very new technology that will soon be corrected for ease of use.

Will there come a time when waiters are phased out completely? Possibly, but not anytime soon. Good customer service from humans is still a valuable commodity, informing the purchasing decisions of many customers. Machines lack charm, and charm drives brand reputability. That said, machines are a much cheaper and more efficient alternative to human beings, and this is the reason why they will soon become ubiquitous.

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