Netflix May 2017, What's New on the Platform? Find Out Now

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Another month, another batch of movies is about to come out on Netflix. Here is the Netflix May 2017 lineup that has us all giddy in anticipation.


Release Date: May 1st

The romantic drama of a lifetime, starring a very European-looking Johnny Depp and the lovely Juliette Binoche. It's the kind of movie that makes us appreciate life like never before, and why not? This casting duo makes everything okay in the world.

Release Date: May 1st

The story of a group of working-class boys from the University of Washington who shocked the world by winning the gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympic Games.

Forrest Gump

Release Date: May 1st

This movie needs no introduction. The 1994 classic starring perennial legend Tom Hanks offers the perfect blend of humor, sadness, and inspiration.

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