Musk Says Boring's LA Tunnel Is "Almost Done"

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company has been working hard on their first tunnel under Los Angeles. According to Musk, the hyperloop test tunnel will open on December 10th. He tweeted, “Opening event that night & free rides for the public next day.”

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While he has claimed that it will eventually achieve top speeds of up to 760 miles per hour, the trial tunnel will peak at about 155 mph. It’s not as fast as it hopefully will be, but this is better than the 125 mph electric sled the company sent through the tunnel on a test run last May. Back in August, Boring was hosting tours of the site for LA County schools, taking around 30 students at a time to see and learn about the hyperloop technology.

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Musk has described the project as an "autonomous multilevel car system that would cost less than $1. Less than a bus ticket.” He described the potential scope of the project as practically limitless, "If you want to have a 100 levels deep, you can go 100 levels deep. A few stations will be bigger like LAX.” As crazy as this sounds, Musk insists that, "This will be a very safe tunnel.”

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Apparently, the Boring Company will have two options. The first will be a Loop, which is a fast ride for short distances, and then the Hyperloop, which will be super fast for long distances. Both can accommodate 16 passengers per ride and will be all-electric with zero emissions. The differences will be in the speed and length. While the Loop can go from downtown Los Angles to LAX airport in 8 minutes, the Hyperloop can go from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just a half hour. Check out a test run in the video below…

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