12 Mugshots of Women Who Look More Like Models Than Criminals

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It's widespread knowledge that many women like "bad boys" - borderline (or full) psychopaths, criminals and abusers who appear to be surrounded by a mystique of specialness, but are not. It's less commonly discussed that the same principle holds for men. The women in this list were all arrested for crimes of varying severity, but all of them are somehow made sexier by their recklessness, at least according to the internet. So unbuckle your seatbelt, stash some gum in your pockets without paying for it, and enjoy the lineup.

1. Alysa Bathrick

Bathrick became a minor internet celebrity last year when her mugshot was released. Despite the fact that she was a criminal, brought in for dealing Xanax, she was a cute girl, creating a paradox that captivated everyone's imaginations.

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In an astonishing twist, Bathrick was arrested again the next year. She is known for having an "in-your-face" attitude, adding to her mystique as a cute girl who unapologetically commits crimes.

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