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College graduations are popular events for famous alumni to give advice to new graduates. While their celebrity is an exciting factor, it’s combined with the fact that they were once sitting in the same seats the current students occupy. Many have gone viral in the past, like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey, Stephen Colbert, J.K. Rowling, Tom Hanks and Ellen, but Michael Keaton’s speech at this year’s Kent State University graduation in Ohio had something none of the others possibly good. He closed with, “I’m Batman.”

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As awesome as the finale of his speech was, it’s been relatively divisive. This doesn’t mean that the rest of his speech was as unusual. But it also doesn’t mean that it wasn’t. First of all, more than a few people in attendance thought he could’ve been drunk. Anyone who has seen Keaton give an interview knows he’s a bit eccentric, which is something that makes him such an iconic cultural figure. But for the uninitiated, his unique personality could be a bit jarring.

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Keaton has had an amazing career, he went from a stand up comedian to an actor, famous for his roles in Beetlejuice, Spotlight, and, or course, the aforementioned Batman. He even got to satirize aspects of his career in Birdman, whose main character’s journey bares a striking resemblance to his real life story. But, he never graduated from college, which bothered a number of students at the ceremony. Some of the other highlights from his speech that students have been discussing online were comments about hitchhiking, a pair of shoes, and something about an attic. Watch the video below to see the full commencement address...


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