McGregor Earns Historic Title Belt In Dominant Fashion

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Conor McGregor looked to be in for a battle on Saturday night against Eddie Alvarez... well, it lasted until the second round at least. After landing a massive blow early in the first, McGregor clearly had the upper-hand, and Alvarez began to fade.


The Irish dynamo has now won fights in three different weight classes, and he isn't apologizing for anything. His post match interview with Joe Rogan confirmed this...

McGregor's robust personality was also evident during the fight itself. He routinely chirped at Eddie Alvarez in the octagon, trying to control the match from a mental perspective. McGregor's coach, John Kavanaugh, claimed that he repeatedly asked Eddie, "Is that all you've got b****?" Just another of Conor's hysterical quirks.

The fight was over shortly after 1 a.m. local time, following a long night of contests. Each of the 11 bouts ended in 5 minutes or less, including a defeat of champion Meisha Tate at the hands of Raquel Pennington. Tate announced her retirement shortly after the loss.

UFC 206 will take place on December 10, 2016 at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada, featuring 13 fights. One is a rescheduled fight between Tim Kennedy and Rashad Evans, which was supposed to take place as part of the UFC 205 card, but had to be postponed due to a medical problem for Evans.

So what's next for Conor? He's now the first man to hold a UFC Featherweight belt AND UFC Lightweight Championship simultaneously, which will probably never be repeated. He has also won fights at three different weight classes in his last four bouts. Who will he choose to take on next?

Many fans would salivate over a clash with Nate Diaz III, which would likely need to happen at 155 lbs. Or a possible encounter with an aging Jose Aldo? Or, dare we suggest, a possible retirement from the sport altogether? McGregor has eluded to this reality in the past, and now that he has a baby on the way, he might prefer to focus on his family life. With millions upon millions of dollars in the bank, there's a slight chance he'll elect to go this route.

Either way, the personality, or enigma, that is Conor McGregor will last well beyond his time in the octagon. His role in building the sport has been profound, and the legacy he's created will last a very long time. Saturday was Madison Square Garden, tomorrow might be Wembley Stadium. UFC is king.

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