Massive Fireball Lights Up The Sky In Australia

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Residents of Perth, Australia were stunned to see a giant meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere in fiery fashion. The explosion was so big it lit up the entire area surrounding the city, even up to 60 miles away. Many who witnessed the event called The Department of Fire and Emergency Services to report what they saw, with a variety of different guesses on what had just happened.

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Some figured it was meteor, and others even believed it could’ve been a UFO, or worse. With all of the recent wildfires breaking out everywhere, there were a few people who were concerned that it would start one upon impact. This is unlikely, but certainly possible. The Avon Valley region wasn’t just exposed to the brilliant sight, but also its accompanying sound, which was loud enough to raise its own concerns, even for those who didn’t see the actual fireball.

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Some thought it was thunder, and others compared it to a plane explosion. Either way, the sonic boom was understandably terrifying and explains why social media was flooded with pictures, videos and posts chronicling the occurrence. And beyond the aforementioned audio and visual elements, those who were close enough also reported an earthquake-like rumbling.

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Outside of the civilian response, scientists are investigating the event, attempting to determine exactly what happened. They believe that the meteor could’ve made it to the ground, and are actually using some of the footage to help triangulate exactly where it might’ve landed. Recovering what’s left of the object is their main objective. Once it’s found, they can analyze it and determine where it came from and how it got here. Check out some of the footage in the video below…

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