8 Man Caves Meant to Inspire Your Next Poker Game

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Man caves don't have to be dirty old basement spaces. Some guys put lots of effort into making them beautiful, picturesque, and a tad daring. Here are some man caves that should work out perfectly for your next late night poker game.

The Gentlemen's Poker Room

This Texas residence was transformed into a poker room straight out of a dogs playing poker painting. In an otherwise traditional looking hunting lodge, you can imagine that people get seriously into their poker while smoking cigars and sipping whiskey. That sounds like a great time. Plus, don't you just love the patterned carpet here?

Poker Meets Game Room

There's the traditional poker room/man cave, then there's the modern game room setup seen here. This room is complete with a slot machine, big screen TV, pool table, and full service bar. It's perfect when you're looking to throw a big bash but can also serve a small party looking to just play poker for the evening.

Straight Out of a Movie

You know those movies where people are playing poker in the backroom of a yacht? That's what this room reminds me of. It's a very simple design without any wallpaper or colorful accents, but this simplicity is perfect for a man cave.

Cinema Experience

For movie lovers, a man cave that imitates a theater lobby is the only way to go. However, I can do without the creepy ticket salesman. The jukebox and candies are a nice touch though.

Jay Leno's Man Cave?

For guys who don't like leaving their garage, why not make it your poker room? If you have buddies who share a passion for autos like yourself, this could be an exciting space.

Den-Like Man Cave

This poker room is complete with a rustic home bar and fireplace. Perfect for those cold winter evenings when you just want to snuggle up with your bros and play poker... I mean, just play poker.

California Family Poker Room

The perfect LA poker room that takes the cake in terms of its use of colors. The black and red chairs and furniture does wonders to prop up the Vegas theme. The bar itself is quite nice, especially with such a massive TV on the wall.

Poker? Or Bowling?

Why not offer your guests some options? Poker is all well and good but bowling can be fun too. Then when you're tired of both, hit the arcades for a bit.

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