Man Buys Tank Off Ebay, Finds Something Amazing

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People collect all kinds of odd things. Troll dolls, bottle caps, tanks. Tanks? Yes, there are people who collect tanks. One such collector, Nick Mead of the UK, made the trade of a lifetime and catapulted himself into the international spotlight in the process. Mead, who operates Tanks-Alot, a company that maintains a fleet of tanks for recreational and corporate use, acquired the tank in question through Ebay. Even more surprising than the fact you can buy a tank on Ebay is what Mead found inside his.

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The tank was a Russian T-54, which Mead snagged by trading a British army truck and a self-propelled howitzer. It turned out to be the most fortuitous trade of his life. Mead, and the tank collecting world in general, was in for a big surprise.

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