Love 'em or Hate 'em: 40 Greatest Generals in World History

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6. Charlemagne

Proclaimed to be "the father of modern Europe," King Charlemagne conducted a series of campaigns aimed at re-establishing the old Roman Empire.

7. William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror

The Duke of Normandy claimed victory in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, leading to the Norman conquest of England.

William had been born to an unmarried man, Robert I, Duke of Normandy, and his mistress Herleva. This illegitimacy made William's rise to power all the more difficult, and contentious.

8. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

The man who was responsible for conquering the entire eastern world, stretching from the Sea of Japan west to the Caspian Sea, was one of the most ruthless of all conquerors.

Mr. Khan launched the Mongol invasions that resulted in large-scale massacres of militants and civilians alike.

9. Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

The English explorer commandeered a preemptive strike at Cadiz in 1587, delaying the Spanish Armada's fight for a year. That following year, 1588, he would defeat the Armada.

10. Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell

The 1st Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland didn't achieve that position by being nice. On April 20, 1653, he dismissed the Rump Parliament by force and setup a briefly lived nominated assembly called Barebone's Parliament.

Cromwell is one of the most controversial figures, not just in European history, in British history. Some view him as a necessary revolutionary while others see him as a military dictator.

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