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What at first glance might look like something done using a picture of the sky and maybe a bit of photoshop or some sort of additional effects, is actually a lot cooler when you know what it really is. For their newest issue The Drone Age: A Special Report, Time used 958 Intel drones to form the border and their logo. Not only is the cover of the latest edition made up of drones, it was shot by one, as well.

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The drones got as high as 328 feet off the ground over Folson, California for the photoshoot. This marks the first time the magazine’s cover has been shot by a drone, and it’s appropriate considering the content of the article. In order to pull this off, Time worked with Intel’s Drone Light Show team, Astraeus Aerial Cinema Systems and L.A. Drones. The incredible display makes for not just an amazing image, but is also one of the biggest drone shows ever produced in America.

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A lot went into planning the shot, with those responsible having to consider height, distance between each drone and, of course, balance. There were a lot of risks, like the drones actually colliding with each other if the wind was strong enough. The team also had to factor in the lighting of the shot, from the quality of the sky to the strength of the lights on the actual drones. They have produced a lot of projects using drones, like the 1,200 drone Olympic showcase, but this was the first time they were involved with a magazine cover in this way. Check out the video below to see how they pulled it off...


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