Lion Enters Vehicle At Safari Park

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At Crimea's Taigan Safari Park, tourists were shocked when a full grown lion, named Filya, jumped into their vehicle. The incident was caught on camera and is making its rounds online. Millions of viewers can’t believe what happened after the visitors came face-to-face with the predator.

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The park is located about 30 miles away from Simferopol, and is Europe’s first lion park, which has over 50 of the animals, as well as some rare white lions. There are also a couple zoos on the grounds with monkeys, bald eagles, ostriches, bears, kangaroos and giraffes. Tourists come from across the globe to utilize the park’s special observation decks and tours so that they can enjoy the zoos and observe the lions in their natural habitat.

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But as safe as the park claims to be, wild animals can be very unpredictable. Recently, visitors got way more than they paid for in the form of an up-close interaction with Filya, a 2-year-old lion. As a guide drove the group through Taigan in one of their open-air safari vehicles, they encountered the lion, who had just taken a nap. Thankfully, the guide was actually the owner of the park, a man named Oleg Zubkov, who knew exactly how to handle Filya.

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Zubkov is known to have a special connection with animals, and he can be seen in the video reacting to the unexpected visit. Interestingly enough, most of the tourists filmed the incident on the phones and seemed relatively unfazed. While this terrifying situation had a happy ending, other have not been as lucky. Earlier his year, a woman was mauled by another lion at the same park. She survived the attack, but it goes to show how dangerous these types of activities can be. Check out the video below…