Leaked Apple Memo Reveals More Leaks

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A leaked Apple memo has revealed some interesting information about, oddly enough, leaks, claiming that those responsible have "everything to lose” if found guilty. The document discusses past instances of leaking and talks about how the company intends to handle these types of issues moving forward. Apparently, Apple caught 29 employees, contractors and supply chain partners who leaked classified info just last year, with a dozen of these individuals actually being arrested. The memo warns, "Leakers do not simply lose their jobs at Apple. In some cases, they face jail time and massive fines for network intrusion and theft of trade secrets both classified as federal crimes.”


These revelations make sense considering the amount of information customers have had access to prior to the release of some of the company’s products over the last several years. While it was basically common knowledge that leaks have been occurring, the memo definitely provides more details. It specifically addresses the problems with journalists and bloggers who seek out leaked info, stating, "While it may seem flattering to be approached, it's important to remember that you're getting played. The success of these outsiders is measured by obtaining Apple's secrets from you and making them public.”


Based on the memo, it seems that this has been more of an issue than accidental leaks or ones that have happened as a result of people from the outside illegally obtaining the information. Surely these instances will always be challenging, but the memo works to communicate the company’s feelings about the internal leaking and why it’s so bad for everyone involved. The document reads, "The impact of a leak goes far beyond the people who work on a project. Leaking Apple's work undermines everyone at Apple and the years they've invested in creating Apple products."


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