Kevin Durant Might Go To The Lakers?

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The Oklahoma City Thunder star may have come up short in the playoffs, but he is set to land a big contract in the free agent market this summer. Although many teams are at play in the 'KD Sweepstakes', most prognosticators believe he will remain in OKC.

But there is a small, yet vocal, contingency that sees him moving to LA to compete with the Lakers. Call it wishful thinking by many fans of the legendary squad, but Durant could situate nicely within a young, burgeoning talent base who is set to upgrade their potential with the No. 2 pick in this year's draft.

Either Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram are likely to rep the purple and gold next season, peaking the interest of many 2016 free agents who see room for growth. Of course, Durant isn't the only option for the Lakers. More realistic choices could include Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, or even a return of Pau Gasol. But for a franchise that has historically set the bar high for the rest of the league, LA will go for the gold this offseason. Durant would certainly provide a much needed impetus for putting the Lakers back on the map.

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