Coming This April: Look Out For These Netflix Releases

March 13, 2017 | Brian


It’s almost April, that means it’s time for another great new batch of releases coming to Netflix.

Here are the ones you should really look forward to…

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Release Date: April 1st

The first chapter of the horror movie saga about a serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams is now coming to Netflix! Director Wes Craven passed away a couple years ago, but this fantastic franchise lives on.

Cool Runnings

Release Date: April 1st

Probably the only movie ever made about Jamaican bobsledding, and the best, Cool Runnings features the talented Mr. John Candy and Doug E. Doug.

Tropic Thunder

Release Date: April 1st

Without exaggeration, this might be the funniest movie of the 21st century. Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, and Ben Stiller knock this one out of the park. Thanks Netflix!