Justin Bieber Posted An Ad Online For Girls To Party With

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If you look down on online dating as something for the plebs, then think again. Justin Bieber, who you'd assume would have less than zero problem finding girls just by walking down the street while not wearing a ski mask, does it too. At least when he's feeling lazy.

After his concert at the O2 Arena in Prague on Saturday night, Bieber wanted to have a nice, relaxing dinner with eight girls. Daniela, a woman who worked for a Czech modeling agency, posted an ad online asking for: "Eight pretty girls for a dinner and party with Justin B in Prague. It is not paid. If you’re interested, message me quickly. I will let the chosen ones know the place and the time. You need to be there in one hour, behave well and speak English!”

Incredibly, the ad was posted so late that it only elicited six responses in time for the party. One of the girls, a dancer and airport employee named Denisa, had this to say about the follow-up response on her social media from the news:

"I am taken. I do not add people to my friends who I do not know. I do not work as an escort and I do not have sex for money! So please, save your and my time and do not message me with offers like this! Thank you!”

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According to another girl, named Anna, they had to sign non-disclosure agreements before going into Bieber's hotel room. She claims that it "was not like people think it was."

"You think that he chose the girls to enjoy the night with them, but he wanted to give someone else a pleasant experience. He talked to us as a normal person would."

Interesting, then, that he did not invite any men back to his room.

Apparently, only one of the girls stayed overnight. One of the girls said of the end of the festivities, "Then the guards came for us and we left. He kept one girl there. Probably she stayed there until the morning. But I am not sure."

Yep, she probably did. If the biggest pop star in the universe invites you to a sleepover, why would you say no?

Pretty incredible that Justin Bieber would use this kind of an approach. You'd think he wouldn't have to. Though if this would work for you, wouldn't you do it, too?


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