JK Simmons Is Buffing Up At Age 61 (PHOTOS)

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JK Simmons would never be mistaken for a NAVY Seal. In most of his roles he plays the old wise man who consults youth, makes business deals, and acts as an all-around clear headed guy. But since being tapped to play Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie, Simmons has hit the gym for some hardcore training sessions.

jk simmons Instagram - aaronvwilliamson

Thanks to the help of celebrity trainer Aaron Williamson, Simmons has transformed his formerly slender physique into that of a Triton king. He's 61 years old, but building his body like a young marine.

Williamson, a former marine, has been training high profile clients since he returned from Iraq in 2009. He won't disclose how much Simmons is bench pressing at the moment, but admits "he's looking more shredded than me."

The 'crazy man' beard makes him appear even muscular.

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