This Japanese Light Display Will Make You Appreciate Winter

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Winter doesn't have to be the season of darkness. Some of the most magnificent light displays around the world occur during this time of year, especially this one in Japan. Nabana No Sato is the home of a display that boasts more than 8 million LED lights that change color all the time.

It's hosted annually by the Nagashima hot spring resort in Mie prefecture, near the Japanese city of Nagoya. The display takes at least four months to set up and requires a crew of thousands of workers, but the results are breathtaking.

The Nagashima Resort has a ton of fantastic attractions on display year round, even though the winter lights are probably its most aesthetically pleasing feature. The spring and summer months are characterized by blooming flowers, bustling picnic areas and gift shops, and waterfront activities for all. This spot in Japan is obviously popular among international tourists but local Japanese citizens consider it a favorite as well.

Tickets for the winter light celebration can be had from around 2,300 yen for elementary school children, which is equal to $20.38 USD. But you might prefer to go during the week as weekends can get downright PACKED! I mean come on, it's not only a theme park but it has a killer light show. I'd be stunned if it wasn't crowded.

Out of the nearly 600 reviews on Trip Advisor, the site has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. As recently as six days ago someone posted, "Bucket list item was amazing!"

The area's crown jewel is the 100 meter tunnel of lights, constantly changing colors from red to green to orange throughout the night. It's expected to receive 2 million visitors in 2017 alone. You have until May 7th so you'd better hurry!!!

The spring months might be the best time to visit, as you'll get to witness the blooming of roses and tulips in all their glory. There's also a moving observatory ride that takes you up 45 meters allowing for some amazing panoramic views of the illuminated surroundings. You get to see recreations of several different landscapes from around the world including Antarctica, the United States, and of course Japan.

Although it can get quite chilly in Japan during the winter, this is a place worthy of sacrificing your warmth. Be sure to add this to your Japanese itinerary NOW. And if it snows? Well, that just makes it all the more spectacular.

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