Is This The World’s Most Expensive Home?

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This house is currently on sale for $446 million, but there’s only four bedrooms. It’s definitely the most expensive ever sold in Hong Kong, mainly due to it’s location in the extremely exclusive Peak neighborhood. But is it the most expensive in the world?

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Its last known competition is Villa Les Cedres, a 14-bedroom mansion that was built in the south of France 188 years ago. It was listed for $409 million last year, a significant amount less than the one in Peak. When most hear these kinds of prices, they probably imagine massive estates, but the Hong Kong house, which sits at 24 Middle Gap Road, is only 16,330-square-feet. The decor is dated, there’s only a two-car garage, and the only real plus is the pool, but again, the cost doesn’t really have anything to do with the house.

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Peak is a prestigious, private neighborhood that rests high above the city, with amazing views of Victoria Harbour. While most of Hong Kong’s luxury homes average about $5 million, Peak is much more expensive. An apartment there can occasionally cost as low as $5 million, but most run for somewhere between $7.7 million to $13 million. Townhouses go for $20 million, as long as they're in a complex.

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Detached homes are typically $40 million to $100 million, and the neighborhood’s Ho Tung Gardens sold for almost $700 million last year. Apparently, 24 Middle Gap Road was purchased by the management of Chuang’s Consortium International Ltd in 2004 for a much smaller price. The aforementioned view can be seen in the stunning photo below, and check out the video in the link here to see more of the house…

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