Is This Cliffside Hotel Safe?

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Would you stay in a hotel room attached to the side of a cliff? Believe it or not, some people are more than willing to risk their lives for the opportunity, and even go well out of their way to do so. Anyone hoping to have this experience has to travel to Peru’s Sacred Valley, where Skylodge Adventure Suites sits 1,300 feet off the ground. But is it safe?…

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The Cuzco, Peru company has constructed an incredibly rare hotel that features transparent hanging bedrooms equipped with beds, dining areas and bathrooms, as well as a magical 300 degree view of the valley below. Visitors choose between climbing Via Ferrata or hiking a trail through ziplines. A one night stay comes with a gourmet dinner, wine and snacks, transportation from town and tours with knowledgable guides, and breakfast in the morning.

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The original room, which was opened back in June of 2013, was the first of its kind, and its unexpected success inspired them to move forward with the exciting idea. They built more, hand crafted out of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate, and today the Nature Vive Skylodge can now accommodate up to 8 people. Each capsule is 24 feet long and 8 feet high and wide, composed of six windows and four ventilation ducts.

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The exit portal is safely located on top of the room, which also comes with an awesome lighting system, seen in the image above, that includes four interior lamps and a reading light, all powered by solar panels that absorb and store the energy in batteries. And as crazy as it sounds, the bathrooms, which feature dry ecological toilets and sinks, are private. Check out the video below to see more…

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