Hyperloop Unveils Its First Passenger Capsule

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In what is definitely one of the biggest steps toward the future of travel, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. has unveiled a full-scale capsule. It’s 105 feet long and weighs 5 tons. After its reveal in Spain, the capsule will be taken to Toulouse, France for additional assembly. Once it’s complete, it will actually be used on a commercial track, which is also one of the first in the world.

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HyperloopTT says the capsule, officially known as the “Quintero One,” was constructed entirely out of composite material and designed to resemble an airplane fuselage without wings. It will be capable of speeds up to 758 mph as it travels, essentially hovering to reduce friction, through a low-pressure tube from one point to another. The capsule was built in Spain by Airtificial, a partner of HyperloopTT.

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Following the aforementioned additional assembly in France, it will then be tested before servicing its first paying customers. Unfortunately, this might take a while. The company has to make sure to go through the proper steps, like establishing guidelines and regulations all over the world, which could take at least three years. And there are others involved in this exciting new chapter for transportation…

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The California-based startup isn’t the only organization working to make this kind of travel technology a reality. China is also developing similar options, some of which already have customers. Virgin Hyperloop, run by billionaire Richard Branson, has signed deals in India, and even Elon Musk helped to promote HyperloopTT back in 2013. Check out the video below to see how HyperloopTT’s capsule was built…


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