How to Live Like a Grown-Up, Not a Teenager

April 14, 2017 | Brian


Are you a millennial man who’s living in an apartment that screams of squalor. It smells bad, looks dingy, and is just downright unappealing? Don’t let your friends and potential mates feel as though they’ve been transported into the third world trash bin whenever they visit you. Clean up your act and transition into adulthood.

Make Love to Febreze

The prevailing wisdom among men is that Windex can clean anything. It’s also true that Febreze can magically make anything smell nice. Buy a lifetime supply of it if you need to, spraying regularly throughout your apartment. Even go underneath surfaces, like under the bed, to tackle potential odor hazards. This is obviously a good thing to do when you’re having a date over for the evening, but it’s a good practice to engage in ALL the time.

Filing Cabinet

One problem everyone runs into is figuring out where to put all their accrued paperwork. Even in this internet age we accumulate lots of papers, and it’s important that we don’t just leave them scattered about. Firstly we might need to find one quickly, which is hard to do when it’s buried somewhere on your floor. Secondly, it looks more professional and adult-like to have papers filed away. Either get a small filing cabinet or place them inside a set of folders in your room or home office.


Leaving dirty clothes strewn throughout your room is never good. Put them in your hamper once you’ve determined they’re too dirty to wear again, but don’t be afraid to re-wear. Yes, you heard that right. T-shirts are only ready to be washed once you’ve significantly sweat in them. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money, water and time to wash them. If they have pit stains, it’s definitely time. Otherwise, hang ’em up and re-wear.


Guys aren’t ones to hang lots of pictures on their walls, but it might not hurt to add a bit of flavor to your room. Barren walls make for an empty, emotionless space. Something that your dates don’t want to see when they come over.

Get Your Roommate or Housemate with the Program

When you’re living by yourself, these steps are a lot simpler to enact. But living with others is a different story. In order for both of you to stay on the same page as far as household cleaning is concerned, create a weekly or monthly cleaning schedule, and place it in a central area like on the fridge.

Try each of these steps and you’ll be living like a real adult in no time.

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