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Star athletes of the 1980s and 1990s have been retired for many years by now, but their children are just starting to come into their own. While most were born during dad's prime playing days, they are now in their 20s and early 30s. Some are actresses, others are models, but all are somewhat successful. Oh, and really beautiful. Get ready for a look into some of the most greatest offspring creations by some of America's most well-known athletes.

10. Gina Carano - Daughter of Glenn Carano

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Glenn Carano was a former QB for the Dallas Cowboys. He had the unfortunate timing of playing during the prime of Roger Staubach, then Danny White. Although Glenn was stuck being a backup, he does have a Super Bowl ring (XII). Eventually, he succumbed to the lure of the USFL, joining the Pittsburgh Maulers in 1984.

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Gina is also a talented athlete, having competed in MMA for many years. Now, at age 33, she has recently retired from sports, but her acting career is in full force.

9. Laila Ali - Daughter of Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali is a legend among men. Winning the heavyweight title at the age of 22 is a magnificent feat, and there is reason to believe that the same magic could be transferred to his daughter.

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Laila, at 37 years of age, is already a highly successful fighter in her own right. Although she has recently retired, Laila was a dominant force in women's boxing. Performing in the Super Middleweight category, Laila won 21 of her 24 wins by knockout. Obviously her father has taught her well.

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8. Bianca La Russa - Daughter of Tony La Russa

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Tony La Russa had an outstanding career as an MLB manager, but I think his greatest achievement is right here. Bianca, age 35, looks nothing like Tony, which is fantastic.

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Plus if it weren't for an injury, she would currently be an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. Another nice thing is that her hair is naturally dark, unlike Tony's.

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7. Britney Calcavecchia - Daughter of Mark Calcavecchia

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This 25 year old lady is another example of someone who looks nothing like her parent.

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Thankfully, this is a complement. Mark was a talented professional golfer, but he is also somewhat corn-fed. Britney is the antithesis of this.

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6. Brittny Gastineau - Daughter of Mark Gastineau

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Mark Gastineau was a 5-time Pro Bowl football player with the New York Jets. He was one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL during his playing era, so it's only fitting that his daughter is successful too. Brittny, 32, is not into the athletic domain, but her modeling and reality show appearances have created quite a public persona for herself.

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5. Alexandria Schlereth - Daughter of Mark Schlereth

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Mark Schlereth is a successful NFL analyst and Super Bowl champion with the Denver Broncos. It's no surprise that Mark's daughters are equally ambitious, finding their niche in entertainment.

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Here is the first of two high achieving Schlereth kids. Alexandria is currently a reporter for BarFly on Fox Sports, and is also trying to make the cut as an actress in Los Angeles. At age 27, she has plenty of time to make it in the entertainment business.

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4. Angela Rypien - Daughter of Mark Rypien

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This 24 year old beauty is known for her skills in the coveted lingerie football league, but her father is beloved by Washington Redskins' fans everywhere for his own football accolades.

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A former Super Bowl champion, Mark Rypien was one of those late round draft picks who ended up being a Super Bowl MVP.

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3. Avery Schlereth - Daughter of Mark Schlereth

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Here is famous daughter number 2 by Mark Schlereth. Avery is 19 years old, but has been modeling since the age of 8.

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Her next objective is to begin acting for television and film. As we mentioned before, her sister Alexandria is trying to do the same.

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2. Rachel Bradshaw - Daughter of Terry Bradshaw

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Twenty-seven year old Rachel is the daughter of flamboyant ex-NFL quarterback and television personality Terry Bradshaw. Her father is best known for having led the "Steel Curtain" Steelers teams to 4 Super Bowl titles in the 1970s.

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With all of his success, Rachel is not simply living off of the Bradshaw name. Rachel is embarking on a professional country music career.

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1. Paulina Gretzky - Daughter of Wayne Gretzky

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The "Great One" would naturally have a great looking daughter. Wayne is the Michael Jordan of hockey and Paulina is the Jessica Alba of athletes' daughters.

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Paulina is 26 years of age, and is currently pregnant with her first child (her husband is golfer Dustin Johnson). Expect her to continue modeling and looking generally stunning after the pregnancy.

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It is obvious that being the offspring of a professional athlete can put you in a better position for success in life. But even with a helping hand, success takes ambition and initiative. Playing at the highest level of professional sports, their dads understand this mantra quite well. It is obvious that they have effectively taught it to their children. Not only are these ladies great looking, but they are hungry for success. Not a bad combo if you ask me.

Source: Bleacher Report

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