Heinz is Calling for a Monday Holiday After The Super Bowl

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This might be the greatest petition to hit the echelons of Change.org. Per Heinz Ketchup, it reads:

"We can all agree that going to work the Monday after the 'Big Game' on Sunday is awful. So as far as we're concerned at Heinz, we as a nation should stop settling for it being the worst work day of the year. We don't settle for that awesome football Sunday to be just like every other day of the year. No. We eat. We drink. And we be merry, having the tastiest times of our lives. But then the very next day we settle for that Monday being a terrible work day."

Thank you Heinz. We needed this salient point to be made. Statistics show that upwards of 16 million people either call in sick or don't show up at all to work the day after the game. This results in a loss of productivity to the tune of $1 billion. It's somewhat similar to the first Thursday and Friday of March Madness which sees a nearly $1.3 billion loss in productivity due to employee slacking.

Heinz of course has been airing hilarious Super Bowl ads for some time now. Last year's dachshunds running through a field was one of the brand's greatest:


This year might be a revolutionary one for other reasons. Snickers is set to air the first ever Super Bowl LIVE AD featuring Star Wars' own Adam Driver. The short spot will be proceeded by a 36-hour live stream of the "making of" the ad, full of behind the scenes features.

How expensive are Super Bowl ads? Very. Here is a graph that shows just how rich you have to be to throw up a 30-second spot:


Ad costs have skyrocketed but this is simply due to the supply and demand relationship. Studies have shown that consumers will spend an average of $75 each, or $14.1 billion total, on Super Bowl 51 related activities. This goes well beyond buying some chips and drinks while watching this game, this can include purchases made because of ad influence.

Heinz undoubtedly realizes this is just a gimmick. Making the Monday after the Super Bowl an official holiday sounds nice, but nobody would wager a dime that it will actually happen. P.S. I really hope it happens! It's brilliant PR work on the part of the ketchup maker, touche.

All of this goes without saying that the people of Atlanta or Boston will get a well deserved day off when their team wins the game. But as for the rest of the country? You all can keep dreaming.

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