When News Reporting Did Not Go As Planned

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What's the beauty of 24-hour news channels? Well, besides their attractive reporters... it's the joy of waiting for something embarrassing to happen to them. Mathematically, the longer a live broadcast airs, the greater the chances are for a mistake. Or if you're lucky, multiple mistakes.

Perhaps one of the greatest threats or gaffes that news organizations have to deal with these days are the possibility of hoaxes - which seem to multiply every year. Many times, the news site or publication only catches on days later and then have to reluctantly retract their articles and statements.

Thanks for high-fiving my face!

This news reporter really needs to work on his high-fiving skills. That guy didn't even get mad...way to keep your composure. HIGH FIVE TO THE FACE. But really, somebody should make sure that guy is okay. The news reporter is way too smiley now that I think about it. Maybe he did it on purpose?

This TV station should probably slash their Monster Energy Drink budget. This reporter is way more pumped up than he needs to be to do these man-on-the-street spots.

The way this is supposed to go is that the crowd goes nuts while the reporter stands there and smiles a little abiding smile while holding their hand to their ear. The reporter isn't supposed to go BEASTMODE on a bunch of mellow bystanders.

It's alive

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Fish like to be in water. This young reporter had to learn it the hard way, and sadly this elderly fisherman takes the brunt of the pain from her realization.

Although if you look at his face, maybe "sadly" is the wrong word. When he was falling asleep the night before he was scheduled to do this TV spot, this is probably exactly the pie-in-the-sky scenario he envisioned.

If you feel bad for the fish, don't. It's an Asian Carp, a prolific invasive species that's become a danger both to local ecosystems and to people. They have a tendency to leap out of the water when they're disturbed. Boats that motor through waterways that contain large numbers of them may find themselves being bombarded with dozens or hundreds of the huge fish. Injuries have occurred.

Looks like these two came out unscathed, though. Maybe even better off than before it happened.