The Goldberg Vs. Brock Lesnar Match Was Originally Supposed To Go Way Differently

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The Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match at WWE's Survivor Series pay per view event was one of the most hyped matches in the past decade of wrestling. It was Goldberg's first time in the ring in over twelve years and there was every indication that it would rule. What fans got was a ninety-second showcase match in which Goldberg executed each of his signature moves in sequence and effortlessly pinned Lesnar for a win.

It was a shocker - almost nobody thought that Goldberg would be allowed to beat Lesnar, much less in under two minutes. It was a dramatic statement, meant to indicate to wrestling's loyal fans that the people behind the cameras were prepared to break with expectations and keep fans on their toes.

But in this writer's opinion, the match itself was lame. Wrestling works when the writers let fans watch matches through a buffer veil of suspended disbelief. And when a fifty-year-old man humiliates the world's most dangerous combat athlete in three moves, that veil dissipates.

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It turns out that the WWE's writers had a very different vision for the match, which was abandoned at the last minute.

In the original vision, Lesnar actually won. And the match was supposed to be much longer, and much more violent. They wanted the two wrestlers to incorporate MMA moves and sell the battle like it was a real fight. Then, a week before Survivor Series, they did a 180. There was precisely zero shooting or pretense of shooting that occurred.

Goldberg is currently slated to participate in the upcoming Royal Rumble. His future afterwards is unclear, though WWE is teasing that there may be another Lesnar match in the works. Maybe this time it will last past the two-minute mark.

Goldberg's return to the WWE was a perfectly executed spectacle. Despite the lameness of the actual wrestling involved, fans loved it. And now their interest seems to be waning. The WWE ran a poll asking if people wanted to see a third Goldberg v. Lesnar match and the answer was yes. But the vote was only 51% in favor of it.

There are many other things Lesnar could do in the ring that would be more interesting than fighting Goldberg again. He could fight Braun Strowman. Or take on the Shield after their upcoming (rumored) reunion. Or he could, you know, just try to be a good wrestler in general.

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