How Having Gay Friends Is A Great Way To Meet Women

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Straight men are always looking for a leg up in the dating game. To increase your chances in the organic market (meaning no Tinder) you must enlist help. And no one is better at helping straight guys than a gay dude. Yep, you heard me right. Here's how.

They have their foot in both camps. a) they are guys, and b) they date guys. Their knowledge of the genders is akin to Einstein's understanding of physics. Even more importantly they have lots of female friends, many of whom WANT a straight man in their lives. Don't get me wrong, these ladies love their gay buddies and it makes sense. They're non-threatening, up for a good time, and say things that make them feel good. But after so many nights out with their gay friends, there comes a time when a lady would like to meet someone of a different variety. This is where straight men come in...

You see, gays are highly protective of their lady friends. If there's something about you that seems a little off, they will persuade her NOT to talk to you let alone leave the bar with you.

This is why you go out with your own set of gay friends. At least one or two who will run the necessary interference with her gay friends, while also showing them that you're a good, open-minded dude.

My gay friends and I have this down to an art. They swoop in, introduce themselves to the gay friends, then pull me over and say "we'd like you to meet our straight friend." The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

You and she can lament about how hard it is to meet people and how you didn't expect to meet anybody that night, blah blah blah, let me call an Uber. Done.

In an age when approaching someone in a bar is a lost art, you'll never go lonely with a gay friend by your side.

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