Fyre Fest Founder Pleads Guilty, Faces Prison Time

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The Fyre Festival will go down in history as one of the most epic fails of 2017. The idea was to have a high end music festival in the Bahamas. The producers, along with all the social media influencers who were paid enormous amounts of money to help promote, promised luxurious accommodations and amazing acts. But not all promises are made to be kept, and sometimes broken promises turn into nightmares.

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This could be applied to all the guests who paid anywhere between $1,500 and $250,000 for tickets and suffered a disastrous few days stuck on the island without anything even remotely resembling a festival. Or the investors who were tricked into thinking the company behind the festival was in a good place financially. Maybe even the employees who were never paid for their labor. But it’s now more applicable to the festival’s founder, Billy McFarland, who plead guilty to two counts of wire fraud in Manhattan Federal Court and now faces some serious prison time (up to 40 years).


He admitted to altering financial documents in order to get enough money to pull of his vision, but fell as short as humanly possible. The sight was a complete mess, the projected 40,000 ticket sales turned into under half that, bands like headliners Blink 182 dropped out and some of the more fortunate guests weren’t even able to make it due to how hard it was to actually book the flights.

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Since the festival went up in flames, multiple lawsuits have been filed against Billy, Ja Rule, Fyre Media and other members of the team. The suits have come on behalf of the influencers, guests, employees, investors and even the Bahamas government. While McFarland's day in court is certainly a step in the right direction for all the victims of the Fyre Festival, the lasting effects are far from over.

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