Futuristic LED Fan Creates Amazing 3D Holograms

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These incredible inventions are electric, single-blade fans. They’re going viral right now and it’s easy to see why. Multiple videos have been released recently showing the products, which are made in China, projecting a variety of unbelievable holograms. From clothing products like shoes and watches to famous pop culture characters and beautiful designs, these unreal images are giving us a powerful glimpse into the future. Check out one of the videos below…


It’s being marketed to companies as an advertising tool, but can also be used recreationally. It makes sense that businesses would want to take advantage of anything that sets them apart from their competitors, as much as it could easily be enjoyed by a group of people in some sort of entertainment setting. And it’s not hard to imagine the impact it could have on television, movies and video games, where this kind of advancement could change the industries forever.

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The machine uses preset graphics, and the images have no borders or backgrounds. The animations can move and change, and contain amazing details and colors. The size of the holograms depend on the length of the fan blade, which spins at super high speeds. It seems so simple, but the design is definitely a step forward.


The fan was invented by a man named Zhou Quan, whose company is called DSeeLab. He started it with a group of fellow Southeast University graduates in Nanjing, east China. The project began with the idea of holographic animations generated by a revolving screen. They use the same motors as drones, with a long-lasting battery, and can be mounted on the wall, as well as hand-held. Enjoy a demo of the product here and have fun imaging all that’s now possible with this type of technology...


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