16 Head Scratching Athlete Uniform Slip-Ups

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1. Prince Hubertus Wears Best Olympic "Costume" Ever

mexico Daily Mail

He's was not only the second oldest Winter Olympian in history at Sochi, Prince Hubertus was also the only team member in the Mexico Olympic Team. So of course he got to wear whatever he fancied...and the Prince chose this epic outfit. We bow to you Prince (yes, he's a real Prince).

Most of the other athletes on this list didn't have the same good fortune as the Prince when it came to their outfits, continue on to see what we mean...

2. Christopher Spring's Suit Malfunction

NY Daily News NY Daily News

Another Winter Olympic athlete is Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring. He tried on his suit the day before his Olympic race...and this happened. So of course Chris had to take a photo and post it to his Twitter page for all the world to see. He's lucky this didn't happen during the race!

3. Wayne Gretzky's Name Gets Misspelled

wayne BuzzBeagle.com

The greatest player to ever play ice hockey, Wayne Gretzky, finished his career playing for the New York Rangers. The Rangers must have really been starstruck because they spelt Gretzky as “Gretkzy.” Wayne was a good sport and still wore the jersey on October 30, 1997 in a game against the Islanders.

4. Michael Jordan Loses His Jersey

Tumblr Tumblr

Remember that one time Michale Jordan had his iconic #23 jersey stolen before playing the Orlando Magic? Ya, I don't either...but it happened. Poor MJ was forced to wear a nameless #12 jersey...not sure what his stats were from that game but I'll bet he still put up #23 jersey-esque numbers.

5. Brian Wilson’s Spandex ESPY’s Tuxedo

wilson UpscaleHype.com

When you think of the ESPY awards, you probably think red carpet and high fashion. While most of the guests were dressing up, former San Francisco Giant pitcher, Brian Wilson, decided to go a different way with it...a spandex tuxedo onsie sort-of different way.

Brian even accessorized the skin-tight tux with a pair of high-top sneakers, “Ninja socks,” white gloves and a walking stick. Some found Wilson's take on formal attire comedic...others probably not so much.

6. Flavia Zoccari Opens Up

The Richest Images The Richest Images

While Flavia Zoccari was getting ready to compete at the Mediterranean Games in 2009 her high tech swimsuit split open on the backside during warmups.

Apparently a ripped swimsuit will get you disqualified from the race...who knew. Flavia had to watch her fellow competitors swim from the sidelines. What's ironic about this is that the Jaked swimsuit she was wearing was banned earlier that year for giving swimmers an unfair advantage. Unfortunately for Flavia the ban was lifted before the Mediterranean Games so she ended up wearing it.

7. Stephanie Gilmore's Photoshoot Goes South


While at a Vogue shoot in 2014, famous Aussie surfer Stephanie Gilmore was working it for the camera when all of a sudden a wardrobe malfunction occurred.

Looks like Stephanie had cat-like reflexes and snatched the top before it fell off. If you were at Australia's Bondi Beach at the exact same time as this photoshoot maybe you were fortunate enough to see a bit more?!

8. Serena Williams’ Bubblegum Pink Bodysuit

williams A Glam Slam

Pro tennis player, Serena Williams (along with her sister Venus) always seems to dress a bit less traditional than most tennis players. However, Serena took it up a notch when she decided to wear a bubblegum pink skin-tight onsie to practice a few years back. I wonder if she'll try to wear an all white version for Wimbledon next year??? The next image will have you going Gaga...

9. Bethanie Mattek-Sands Unleashes Her Inner Gaga

mattek A Glam Slam

While we're on the subject of tennis, let's talk about the most rebellious tennis player in history (when it comes to style)...Bethanie Mattek. The Lady Gaga of tennis thought it was a good idea to wear the white outfit above during the most conservative Grand Slam, Wimbledon!

Bethanie wore the white fringe tennis ball jacket pre-match and the tennis-inspired neon green gown for the Pre-Wimbledon Party. Apparently the same designer behind Lady Gaga's outfits is the same culprit who designed these outfits for Bethanie...now it all makes sense.

10. Nicklas Helenius Gets Pantsed

Buzzfeed Buzzfeed

Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen got his money's worth on Aston Villa forward Nicklas Helenius. This is one forward that doesn't give up on the play just because he lost his shorts. The coach has to love the tenacity. I wonder if he made the shot or not...hmmm.

11. John Daly's Many Colorful Pants

daly Pinterest

Even if you don't watch golf, you've probably heard of John Daly. Daly is known for three things: his long drive, his love for alcohol, and his pants. You either love him or you hate him...I'd guess the entire golf community despises his non-country club appearance. But he gets the people going!

12. Adam Riggs Plays For The Angees

Bleacher Report Bleacher Report

Former Angel Adam Riggs played in a total of 61 games in the major leagues, a very short career. Adam achieved 2 things during that short career; 1. introducing several of his teammates to PEDs and 2. getting a jersey that read "Angees." Since Riggs was a cheater, I guess he deserved to have his uniform botched.

13. Pep Guardiola Bursts At The Seams

Buzz Beagle Buzz Beagle

Professional soccer coaches seem to dress better than any other coach in any other sport. I'm not sure why that is, but even the best dressed can sometimes slip up. During Bayern Munich's UEFA Champions League match against Porto, Pep had a little issue in the lower region. He's so intense I doubt he even noticed this mishap.

14. Torotno

Total Pro Sports

Not sure why there are so many jersey misspellings. I guess jersey manufacturers have to work fast sometimes...or maybe they're all made by the same dyslexic individual? Even a World Series champion can experience some fashion embarrassment from time to time.

15. Mike Als(t)ott

Buzz Beagle Buzz Beagle

Mike Alstott was a legendary fullback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I think it's safe to say that he deserves better than a misspelled name. But was this a mistake? The team claims it isn't.

Allegedly, in Mike's first two preseason games with the team in 1996, they incorrectly spelled his name "Alsott." This is an interesting bit of trivia to remember the next time you want to show your buddies some useless sports knowledge.

16. Sochi Figure Skater

Niger Reporters Niger Reporters

The Winter Olympics of 2014 took place in mother Russia. Apparently the cold weather can cause rips in figure skating stockings. This Asian figure skating pair performed beautifully, despite the unfortunate hole in her leggings. Major respect needs to be given to her.

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