Finished Versions Of These Robots Are Freakishy Lifelike

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The future is getting closer everyday. Technological advancements continue to push the limits of human imagination in ways that can make daily life more convenient, and in other ways that can honestly be a bit scary. A lot of companies have been inventing and developing different kinds of robots, from practical use designs to some that are so lifelike it’s almost uncanny.

Engineered Arts

Engineered Arts has built several humanoids that not only look real, but move and act real, as well. They have been working in animatronics for over a decade, with their products being used in a variety of fields like research, education and entertainment. Over the last 12 years 120 of their robots have been used in 27 countries across the globe.

Engineered Arts

The Mesmer series creations are their most forward thinking, in that they look nothing like robots at all. These are the types of designs that we’re used to seeing in movies and television. From the external features to the way the system operates underneath, these represent the evolution of animatronics. With custom built, silent motors, the operation of the machine is undetectable, and everything is connected.

Engineered Arts

The physical humanoid is linked to advanced software that can control it remotely from anywhere in the world. And what’s even crazier, they can actually sense people and react to them. The robots are able to maintain eye contact and react to the general mood of whoever they’re interacting with. But they’re not cheap at $79,000. Check out the video below to learn more and see them in action...

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