The finest WAGS: Which Professional Sports Draw The Hottest Women?

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Where there are athletic men who are in near-perfect shape, on television on a regular basis and worth millions of dollars, beautiful women are sure to swarm. So it’s no surprise that there are absurdly beautiful women married to professional athletes in just about every sport. But which professional sport draws the most attractive—thanks to the now popularized reality TV slang—“WAGs” out there?

The knee-jerk reaction to this question is football. Large athletic guys who are a part of the most popular sport in America should theoretically land the most beautiful women, right? Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Budchen, among other gorgeous wives of quarterbacks and receivers, might make you think that—but the vast majority of the NFL doesn’t land as noteworthy beauties as the star players in the league. There’s also a certain risk to dating NFL players, due to injuries shortening careers (and therefore incomes), as well as the lack of exposure for certain players unless you’re a real star. The WAGs who have their own careers and exposure to worry about aren’t huge fans of this.

The same problem goes for hockey players in the NHL. There is a lot of injury, a lot of players and unless you are one of the few standouts who is featured in the league by the team, you’re going to tend to blend in with everyone else. Sure there are the Elisa Cuthbert’s and Willa Ford’s who are married to NHL players and, again, there is no shortage of hot WAGs in the NHL. But there are players who by in large attract a consistently more attractive crop of women.

Jaime Edmondson Jaime Edmondson

Major League Baseball has a good selection of WAGs, like Evan Longoria’s girlfriend Jaime Edmondson or the long list of hotties Derek Jeter has had on his arm, but the biggest problem here when comparing different sports, is the sheer number of players in the MLB. Due to this incredibly high number, the quality of the WAGs tends to diminish when everything averages out. It also makes dating a Major League Baseball player less of a career boon for some women, or anything really that special. There’s a lot of guys who play in the big leagues for a few seasons and then go on to live very average lives. This is not something the hottest WAGs look for in a professional athlete mate.

Professional soccer players have always had a way with beautiful women and the term WAGs first originated across the pond in the pro-football leagues. This opens up the rest of the world more to more exotic and beautiful WAGs then other professional athletes that are more or less isolated to America. However, professional soccer suffers the same problem that Major League Baseball does, and that’s sheer number of players. There’s definitely the Antonella Roccuzzo’s and Polly Parson’s who reside in the professional soccer WAG world, but the turn over in soccer is often quick and constant. And plus, it’s not America, which is where the best WAGs usually want to end up.

Which leaves basketball, which according to our less then scientific analysis, draws the best WAGs. We came to this conclusion for a number of reasons: there are a limited number of professional basketball players, meaning all of them get a lot of exposure. Injuries are way less common than in any other sport, especially those that will end a player’s career. And basketball players in the NBA are based in America, but have access to WAGs from all over the world, because of the growing international presence of basketball. Based on all these factors, the NBA currently has the hottest WAGs out there—though this issue will undoubtedly be up for future debate.

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