Fatal Shark Attack Shocks Cape Cod

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For the first time since 1936, a man has died as a result of a shark attack in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The 26-year-old engineering student, identified by local authorities as Arthur Medici, was swimming in the waters off Newcomb Hollow Beach on Saturday when the terrifying incident occurred. The bite happened at approximately 12:30 pm about 300 yards south of the Wellfleet sand. He was taken to Cape Cod Hospital in an ambulance while park rangers and police investigated.

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A little less than two hours later, at 2:25 in the afternoon, Wellfleet police Lt. Michael Hurley confirmed that the victim passed away. It was later revealed by the district attorney’s office that Medici and another man were boogie boarding at the time. Authorities assume that it was a great white shark, considering they’re the only species capable of this. It’s been 82 years since the last fatal attack took place in the area, but it's the second shark bite this summer. The beach has been closed since then and visitors have been contributing to makeshifts memorials in the victim's honor.

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Last month, a neurologist and professor from New York named William Lytton suffered a shark bite in the same waters. Newcomb Hollow beach is one of the four on Wellfleet’s Atlantic coast, and just hours after Saturday’s attack, news cameras captured footage of multiple sharks right off the beach. It was confirmed that Lytton, who survived after extensive surgery in Boston, was bitten by a great white, which just increases the probability that Medici was, as well. Watch news footage of the tragic attack below…


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