Families Are Honoring Prince With Home Christmas Display

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The death of pop star Prince has led many fans to pay homage to his life in different ways. Now that it's the Christmas season, fans are taking this a step further, invoking Prince into their home Christmas decorations.


Two families, one in Chicago and the other in Minnesota, are acting like it's 1999. Their outdoor Christmas displays are a dedication to the "iconic star" who had a tremendous impact on their lives.

The Minnesota family has hung 10,000 purple lights which flash in unison to Prince's "Purple Rain." It took them an entire year to set up the display, which features the "Star Wars" theme as its introduction. This is the third year they've featured a holiday display, but the first time they've decided to make it about Prince; they say they regret having never gone to his shows, but feel a duty to honor the native Minnesotan. The light show can be viewed from 5:40-9pm weeknights, and 5-9:40pm weekends. Their home is conveniently just 5 minutes from Prince's Paisley Park studios.


In Chicago, the Grant-Grusecki home features music from the Home Alone 2 soundtrack, including Holly Jolly Christmas and All Alone on Christmas, and of course, music from Mr. Prince. This family, like the Minnesotans, started planning for this months ago... "We start planning this in February and we started getting into the programming and songs in May when he had just passed away." Their show can be seen from 5-8:55pm weeknights, and 5-9:55pm weekends.

You're probably thinking, "Wow, these peoples' electric bills must be through the roof!" You aren't wrong. Let's even assume they are using the most 'energy efficient' lights to power the whole thing—they're still looking at between $30,000-$80,000 a month! Last year, there was a million-bulb light show at a Delaware home that cost $82,320 each month! 10,000 bulbs isn't the same as 1,000,000, but you can gather that it still creates a hefty bill.

The Staudts in Minnesota are collecting donations, but not to fun their electricity. Their son required heart surgery last spring, so the family is collecting donations in the name of the Ronald McDonald House at Children's Hospital to help alleviate the costs. Meanwhile, the Grant-Grusecki's are raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

If you're in need of a purple Christmas, they residences are two places to check out, and if you don't like standing outside in the cold, you can tune your radio frequency to 87.9 FM in Minnesota to hear the music.

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