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A few months ago, I decided to watch Netflix's new comedy series, Love on a whim. Having heard little to nothing about the show in advance, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this series from Judd Apatow (the creator of films such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Stepbrothers, and other comedy blockbusters). However, while the writing was superb, and the acting was solid in general, the female protagonist, Mickey, really stole the show. After watching Love, I decided to learn more about Gillian Jacobs, the sexy, electric actress that portrayed Mickey.

While watching the show, I realized that Gillian Jacobs looked somewhat familiar, but I couldn't figure out exactly from where I knew her. Perhaps you're better at placing actors and actresses than I am, but if you're not, then maybe knowing that Gillian Jacobs has appeared in popular shows such as Community and Girls will help jog your memory as to who this beauty is. If you don't watch those television series, then you've probably seen Gillian in one of the many movies she has featured in. Maybe you don't know who Gillian Jacobs is at all, but after looking at her, I bet you'll want to know a little more about her.

After her much-praised performance in Love, look for Gillian to be coming to a screen near you with frequency in the near future. This 33-year old bombshell is impossible not to love, with a personality that might surpass even her looks. If you decide to check out Love, you'll be falling in love with the hot mess that is Mickey, even if she does some pretty messed up sh*t every now and then.

Even if you decide that Love isn't your cup of tea, Gillian Jacobs is a name that you'll want to remember. But with her effortless charm and gorgeous girl next door looks, I have a feeling that you'll join me in giving Gillian a spot near the top of your celebrity crush list.

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