Fake Space Suits Used In Bizarre Scam

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In one of the most bizarre scams of late, a father and son used fake space suits to trick a businessman out of over $200,000. With so many start-ups and new opportunities arising seemingly on a daily basis, it has to be difficult for investors to tell the difference between potentially risky moves and downright ridiculous ones.

Twitter - @bhavatoshsingh

For a garment export man in India, a client whose plan to develop and sell an advanced science suit and accompanying technology to NASA made enough sense for him to move forward. He gave Virender Mohan Brar and his son Nitin $213,000 and entered into a MOU, or memorandum of understanding, to make it official. The scam itself used the idea of a Rice Puller, also known as RP, which is a brass plate that is apparently charged by electricity from thunderbolts. In this case, the RP would eventually be bought by NASA after all of the proper research and development took place.

Twitter - @bhavatoshsingh

Some of the money invested was said to be used for these supposed tests. Instead of actually making these tests happen, the men gave excuses and instead coated the copper plate with some sort of liquid magnet and attached small iron wires to trick the man into thinking it worked. They used fake space suits, fake equipment and fake credentials to further the scam. The businessman filed an officially complaint and after an investigation the father and son, who had allegedly scammed up to 30 people with various schemes over the last several years, were caught. They were forced to wear the suits for a photoshoot that has since made its way online. Check out the video through the link here...

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