Fake Power Outlet Stickers Are Driving People Crazy

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Nowadays it seems like everyone has some sort of handheld electronic device with them at all times. Unfortunately, the majority of our infrastructure hasn't come close to keeping up with these technological advancements. Aside from new buildings or an occasional remodeling, there are still as few power outlets everywhere as there were before this new way of life.

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Smartphones are convenient, but keeping them charged can be a challenge. Anyone who’s experienced the frustration of having a low battery in a time of need knows exactly how exciting it is to find a spare outlet, especially if it’s in a good spot.

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If you're away from home for long periods of time and not near a car charger, a well-placed outlet is a lifesaver. Finding one in a coffee shop can be tough, while a free charger at an airport is practically a miracle. All this considered, it makes sense that a new form of pranking that involves fake power outlet stickers has been dividing everyone who comes in contact with it.

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Some people think putting imposter outlets everywhere is hilarious, while others aren't laughing. There's definitely something funny about watching someone try to charge a phone in what is essentially just a wall, but it's not as laughable on the other end.

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Regardless of which side you fall on, the prank is here to stay. You can even head over to Amazon and pick up a set of stickers yourself. They're advertised with the product description, "Use these stickers to harmlessly prank others into thinking they've discovered that elusive open outlet to charge their phone! Use for yourself and also give as gifts for those who also enjoy a good laugh! :)" Check out one of the prank videos below…


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