Evacuation After Volcano Erupts in Hawaii

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After hundreds of earthquakes shook the eastern side of the Big Island, the Kilauea volcano has erupted, shooting lava into the Leilani Estates, a residential area near the town of Pahoa. The subdivision is located in the lower East Rift Zone of the active volcano. A mandatory evacuation has caused around 1,700 people to flee the area, which also includes Lanipuna Gardens, and relocate to nearby community centers that will serve as shelters for the time being.

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Governor David Ige released a statement after activating the Hawaii National Guard to assist in the secure evacuation and overall management of the extreme situation. He tweeted, "I urge residents in Leilani Estates and the surrounding areas to follow instructions. ... Please be alert and prepare now to keep your family safe.” Following a magnitude 5.0 earthquake, the Puu Oo vent released plumes of ash. Some lava fountains shot up to 150 feet in the air and spread over an area that’s around 200 yards wide. The eruption led the fire department to detect extremely high levels of dangerous sulfur dioxide gas that is threatening enough on its own.

Twitter - @hawaiinewsnow

The Kilauea has been one of the world’s most active volcanoes, making it almost impossible not to erupt following the average 2.0 quakes that have been reported constantly over the last few days. They were potentially caused by the collapse of the Puu Oo crater floor around the volcanic cone in the aforementioned eastern rift zone. This caused magma to flow over 10 miles downhill into the populated coastline. While it's been active for a while, this marks the first explosive eruption since 1924. Watch the video below to see one of the breaking news reports on the incredible incident…


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