Eric Dickerson says he's been banned from the Rams' sideline

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Are hall of fame running backs banned from the Los Angeles Rams' sideline? Eric Dickerson says so. The NFL legend claims that Rams head coach Jeff Fisher told him to stay AWAY during games, following his public criticisms of the team.

The accusation came on Dickerson's radio show this Monday, following the Rams' 49-21 loss to the New Orleans Saints. He was allegedly contacted by upper management with the team and told that he makes the players feel "uncomfortable" after certain statements he's made in recent weeks.

Shortly after making these claims, Dickerson was contacted by Kevin Demoff, the Rams' COO, assuring him, "All Rams alumni, and especially Eric Dickerson, are always welcome at our games and practices. I have reached out to Eric to see where a miscommunication may have occurred and to clear up any confusion over his presence at games."

Dickerson's show began airing in September on AM 570 in Los Angeles as part of the welcome back process for the Rams. Dickerson was a star for the team during their glory years (relatively speaking) in the 1980's. They played in one Super Bowl losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and couldn't make another due to stiff competition elsewhere in the NFC—the 49ers, Redskins, and Giants were three enormous obstacles. Dickerson was still one of the best players in the league and one of the most popular Rams' players of all-time. He set records for most rushing yards in a season as well as most rushing yards by a rookie.

The question then, is Jeff Fisher acting alone in a decision to virtually ban Dickerson? At this point, it seems to be the case, while the team's front office is trying to diffuse the situation from a public relations perspective. Fisher obviously cares little about PR.

It's certainly been a frustrating season thus far for the Rams. After a surprising 3-1 start, they've gone 1-6 since then. When their first quarterback, Case Keenum, couldn't put a sufficient amount of points on the board, they inserted rookie Jared Goff. Despite losing last week, Goff seems to be making great strides as an NFL quarterback. He scored 3 touchdowns and threw for 214 yards against the Saints. Next Sunday will be a particularly different test, AT New England. Yikes!

The Eric Dickerson situation is being made into a much bigger deal than it should be, but when it rains it pours. At least the Rams have a great new stadium to look forward to in 2019. Just 3... more... years!

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