Emirates Flight Mysteriously Quarantined

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Emirates Flight 203 took off from Dubai with 521 people on board, but had to be quarantined at New York’s JFK International Airport when some passengers fell ill. The Center for Disease Control confirmed that approximately 100 people, as well as some crew members, reported symptoms that included coughing and feeling feverish.

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This number was disputed by Emirates, which claims that only around a dozen were sick, with the cause of the outbreak yet to be established or released. Since the initial screenings in New York, 10 people, three passengers and seven employees, were taken to a local hospital for further treatment, while nine more continued to be treated near the aircraft.

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Airbus A380 had been in the air for 14 hours before landing at JFK around 9:18am. The runway was full of ambulances and health care professionals who screened all of the sick passengers. Three hours later, the rest of the people on board were allowed off the plane. According to one of the passengers, all of the ill individuals were located on the lower level of the cabin.

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Everyone had to fill out a thorough CDC form before they were released. Apparently, some reported feeling sick before they boarded in Dubai. All signs are pointing to the flu, and some think the mysterious illness could have something to do with one of the plane’s previous stops in Mecca, an area that has recently experienced a flu outbreak. Social media was flooded with pictures and video from the incident. Check out the clip below to see some actual news footage that shows the scene on the tarmac...


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