Eminem's Daughter, Hailie Mathers, Grew Up to be Gorgeous

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If you're anywhere near my age, chances are good that Eminem penned many of the rap anthems of your youth. And many of those songs - including several of Eminem's most popular songs - are about his daughter, Hailie. Hits such as "Mockingbird" and the aptly-titled "Hailie's Song" introduced Eminem's fans, and most of America, to his adorable young daughter. Well, time has passed and a lot has changed - for all of us, for Eminem, and most definitely for Hailie Mathers (full name, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers), who is now a stunningly beautiful 20-year old woman.

Hailie Mathers has been up to a lot in the 11 years since "Mockingbird" was released by her father. Hailie was voted her high school's homecoming queen, while competing in volleyball and earning a 3.9 grade point average. After graduating from high school, Hailie Mathers enrolled at Michigan State University, where she will be a junior in the fall.

Hailie Mathers via Tumblr

Despite her obvious, birthright celebrity status, Hailie Mathers prefers a private life to the spotlight, and you can bet that Eminem has encouraged his gorgeous daughter to avoid ending up in tabloids. Hailie rarely speaks to the media, recent photos of her rarely surface, and both her Twitter and Instagram accounts are private, requiring her approval before visitors can view any content whatsoever.

Perhaps once she graduates college and enters the "real world," Hailie will be a little more willing to talk about herself and her famous father. For now, though, all we can do is catch glimpses of this beautiful blonde whenever new photos surface, and congratulate Eminem on a job well done - both for raising a gorgeous, intelligent young woman, and for doing a solid parenting job in helping her avoid the messy fates that befall many other celebrity children. It's clear that Hailie Mathers is on the right track, despite a messed-up family past. And that is deserving of commendation.

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