Driver Remains Calm With Swarm Of Bees In Truck

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A North Carolina man named Wallace Leatherwood was transporting bees back to his home in Waynesville when they somehow got loose in the truck while he was navigating through highway traffic. As crazy as this sounds, what happened next is even more unbelievable.

Carolina Honey Bees

Driving is hard enough on its own. Multiple laws and restriction are in place to make sure that drivers don’t get distracted and stay focused on the road. Drugs and alcohol have always been problematic if someone is planning on getting behind the wheel, and more recently cell phones and texting have caused similar issues, but nothing could possibly compare to driving with a swarm of bees buzzing around you. Unless you’re Wallace Leatherwood, that is. This story is certainly fitting considering his amazing name. It sounds like it belongs to a man who could travel over 40 miles completely calm with 3,000 bees swarming all around him. Even more miraculously, he wasn’t stung once on the almost hour long drive. But a few eventually got him when he was removing the bees later. He had purchased the 18,000 bees from Wild Mountain Bees in Weaverville.

Wikimedia Commons - Waugsberg

Normally, if a bee or any other dangerous creature ended up in a moving vehicle the driver would do everything to get the pest out, but Wallace had spent $165 on each box, so he couldn’t afford the easy way out. Even then, it’s hard enough to get one bug out of a car, let alone thousands. Watch the video below to see the amazing footage Wallace himself shot while driving with the swarm...