Dramatically Increase Your Dating Matches In Five Seconds, For Free

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Want to automatically increase your chances of getting matches on dating apps, without having to take new photos or buy anything? Just mention guacamole in your bio. Yes, seriously.

Zoosk, like OKCupid, conducts studies with its user data. They recently examined 3.7 million users' profiles and determined that mentioning guacamole upped the chances of matching by 144%. That's an insane increase for something so simple. Your guess is as good as ours as to why that might be the case.

Mentioning potatoes got users a 101% jump in results, and mentioning chocolate got them a 100% increase. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, mentioning salad increased matches by 97%. Think of all the foods salad beat out for fourth place. Tacos, burgers, even avocado toast. Imagine.

Not all foods are created equal. "Despite the fact that it is both delicious and wonderful, mentioning fried chicken in a dating profile results in 15 percent fewer messages," reports Zoosk. Philistines.

There's apparently an art and a science to when you should bring up guacamole in conversation. "Though mentioning food in your profile can lead to more incoming messages, it probably shouldn't be the first thing you talk about with someone. For the most part, mentioning food in an initial message doesn't result in many more replies. But there are some exceptions, the most surprising of which is 'eggplant,' which gets 10 percent more responses than the average." Hmm, WONDER WHY.

This food hack, if it works, improves your quality of life more dramatically than anything you could do with actual food. It's certainly worth a try.

One thing is for certain - it will definitely work better than taking a shirtless bathroom selfie. It's incredible that even now, in 2017, there is still an epidemic of men taking this photo. Bros, refrain.

The standard wisdom still applies, as well. Mentioning "guac" eight times in six sentences isn't going to cover up the rest of the glaring red flags in your profile. Spend the time to identify them and prune them out.

Do your pics suck? Were they taken with a flip phone camera? Are you posing with a bunch of girls to make yourself look like a ladies' man? Just as importantly - are you corny? Are all your pics of you snowboarding?

Whenever you get the rest of your errors ironed out, spice things up with a touch of guacamole. A little bit of it apparently goes a very, very long way.

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